Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vinyl Wall Gallery Cricut Project a tutorial...

I so wanted to include this in yesterdays post but my computer did not want to type, today it does and I have done nothing with it. Weird!

In my kitchen reveal I showed you my "Savor the Memories" gallery wall, here is how you can make your own...

1) Gallery Mounts

A) Blank Artist Canvas (found these at the Dollar Tree) came two in a package for one dollar. For this project I purchased three packages.
B) Spray Adhesive, make sure it is acid free. (This was found at Hobby Lobby.)
C) Decorative Paper, I used Berry Bliss from Stampin' Up!
1) Cut your DP one inch larger on every side then your artist canvas.
2) Spray your artist canvas with adhesive, I also sprayed the back of my DP.
(Please follow the directions on your spray for adhering your paper.
3) Mount your DP to your artist canvas and let adhesive dry.
4) Since mine are hanging in the kitchen I decided to spray them with a matte finish spray sealer, (found at Hobby Lobby).
5) Place doubled sided foam tape on back of your covered artist canvas.
6) Mark your wall placement, for this I had my DH help and he used his laser level. You can also snap a chalk line.
7) Mount your artist canvas per directions with your foam tape. Depending on the size and weight of your canvas it will tell you how many inches of tape to use.
8) You can now leave your artist canvas as is with just the DP or you can take it further as I did my placing matted photos on the canvas. Keep in mind that these photos were printed at home from my computer, I intend to replace them after a certain time period. You could also cover your copied prints with laminate if you intend to leave them up for a long period of time. (Never laminate your original photos!)

Below is a photo of items used for gallery mounts...

Below is a photo of the Vinyl packaging purchased at Hobby Lobby...

2) Wall Art
A) Adhesive Backed Vinyl, (found mine at Hobby Lobby).
B) Cricut machine with font cartridge (I used the George Font).
C) Laser Level or chalk line
1) Figure out what the sentiment is you would like to use
2) Figure out the Font height that will match your intended space.
3) Peel your adhesive backed vinyl from its carrier sheet and place on your Cricut Cutting mat.
4) Use the Cricut to cut out your lettering.
5) Set up your laser level or snap a chalk line.
6) Place your cut vinyl letters in your project area.

Here are some places I have searched out where you can find the adhesive vinyl...

1) Hobby Lobby (in store only have black and white).
2) Lowes, Wall Pops many colors and patterns
3) Many colors
4) Ellison (this vinyl is for WINDOW CLINGS, can not be used as wall art will not stick because it is not adhesive backed.

Huge thank you going out to my Sister for letting me use her Cricut with out this my wall art would not have been complete. Thank you!
Happy Stamp Day!

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