Sunday, March 9, 2008

Worry Tin Tutorial...

Everyone worries I for one worry more then most and sometimes have problems letting go of those worries.
I saw a worry box sitting on the vanity at my Dad's house a year or so ago and have had the idea floating about on how to make one. Well here is my idea in all of its glory thanks to the new stamp set from Papertrey inc "Everyday Blessings" and a hinge top tin aka... "nugget tin".

Use your crop a dile to punch one hole into each side of the nugget tin lid.

Thread your ribbon from the front to the back and tie a knot at the back, do this on both sides.

Attach a small length of ribbon to make your bow.

Use Nestabilites Die cut to make a mount for your top sentiment.

Stamp your top sentiment and layer it as you wish.

Use Nestabilities to die cut your worry cards on to card stock.

Stamp the front of the worry card with image.

Stamp the back of the worry card with a sentiment, leaving enough room for a worry to be written down.

Bead a pen to place inside the tin RSVP pen will have to have the lid removed for it to fit in this size tin.

Then write down those worries.

Here is the inside saying, edited copy from Pixie Dust Gifts

Write down your worries,
anxiety or doubt...
Close the lid,
don't let them out!

Release them to God
by Saying a prayer,
and let the Lord
take them from there.

I would love to see your tins if you chose to make one. You can email me a pic or send me the link to your upload.

Here is some reading about how the worry box works from Mind Capital.

Happy Stamp Day!


trulyblessed said...

What a beautiful tin! I made one for a friend many years ago, long before puters, stamps & pretty paper. You have inspired me to revisit this - thank you

chelemom said...

What a great idea!! THis turned out lovely!

skyviewstamper said...

What a great idea! So clever and thoughtful! A great gift for people going thru rough times.......I'll have to make some of these. Post more pictures if anyone sends a link to their worry tin. Love your blog and your work is AWESOME~

Wanda. said...

Such a FABULOUS tin Sara. Great job on it!

Kelsey said...

I bought a Cast your Cares box and it's pretty much the same idea as your tin. I will definitely be making one of my own. Thanks!!
have a blessed day! :)

cyndi said...

that is so cool! love it!

Amy said...

This is a great idea and so beautifully executed. Amy

Anonymous said...

See Here

Susan Farrell-Jones said...

Stunning! I love the colors -- so very calming, perfect for such a blessing!