Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Savor the Memories" Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my "Savor the Memories" kitchen Reveal. I have so much to show you today, I am so very excited...

This is the first page of my memory scrapbook, birthdays. I used the photo I had of my Mother taking me out for my 8th Bday to the Villiage Inn for pizza with my friends. This is a memory book so as much as I hate my handwriting I made sure I wrote and did not use the computer, I am positive that later in life I will be happy with the process. Below is the original photo as scanned before I printed it BW for my scrapbook.

Below is a photo of my third Birthday.

Below is a photo memory of my 5th birthday in California at my Aunt's. I placed this memory of my favorite BDay to date, such a fun time. I think it was because Disneyland and the beach were included with this Birthday.

Here is number two on my list, summer grilling. I have so many fond memories of my Dad soaking the meat in soy sauce and grilling away. I was a total POOL RAT growing up and would swim from sun up to sundown, with a break for supper. As soon as I pedaled around the corner I could smell the grill cooking and would pedal faster! If you have not tried this before highly recommend soaking your ribs and roasts in Soy Sauce and then grilling them over charcoal, YUMMY! I also included myself in a photo roasting marshmallows and stated that I will only eat them if they are burnt, flaming would be the proper word.

I also enjoyed cherry pie in the Coleman sandwich maker, ever tried these while camping? You will need the cooker, (can be found at Wal-mart) a can of cherry pie filling, white bread, butter and a campfire.

Now for a sneak peak of my new kitchen walls day 2. Below is a class bowl that I decorated with Vinyl and Cricut flowers. (I will show you how this was done on Friday.)

Here is a close up of the table cloth, only using this for the photos then it will be returned to my Sister the maker of the cloth. She hand sewed this for my Mother, not sure if it was for an anniversary but that is what I am thinking. Look at the detail and the amount of work this was, simply BEAUTIFUL! This table cloth folds out to fit the table that is now in my home, this table came from my parents home in Lennox, when Dad sold our childhood home the table came to live with me. It has so many memories of its own, if only it could speak. For now I am on the lookout for a vinyl table cloth, after all we have three kids eating at our table daily I would never be able to keep this looking so good. If you see a wonderful one please let me know where to find.

Now for a drum roll please...
Here is the finished west wall of our kitchen. Starts with the fridge in the corner then leads to the buffet that meets up with my new wall (to be revealed on Friday).

Happy Stamp Day!


Cheryl said...

I am really enjoying your memory album, Sara. I can feel the love surrounding you! Great job and love your handwriting in your book.

Wanda. said...

Your album is so WONDERFUL Sara!!! Your children will cherish it when they are older!!!

Jen said...

Wow! I remember the Coleman sandwich they still make those...seriously!?
Your album is looking wonderful!