Monday, March 31, 2008

Embellished Labels...

My Sister was over for some stamping on Saturday, this is one of the cards that we made by layering some Sheer flowers and the felt flowers from SU.

Above is a photo of the package of sheer flowers, they are wonderful to use.

Above you see a photo of my ink storage and above that I used her Cricut and Adhesive backed Vinyl to create this fun saying, "If all else fails-add another embellishment!".

Above is a photo of my Sisters eyelet and brad storage, she left it here by accident on Saturday (I would be lost with out my Embellies) so I took some photos of it to share. This is the best storage solution I have seen for these type of products.

Above you see a photo of the case open and how the storage containers stack.

Above is one of the containers full of goodies.

Now have you noticed the photo of ANNATO in the right hand side of my blog bar?

Food for Thought....

This past week we have been trying to figure out a rash situation (hives) that has plagued my DH since we moved to town four years ago. At first we thought he may be allergic to what was in the well water, but after Rural water came to town his rash continued. Then we thought about possible work chemicals, an environmental cause for this onset of rash. That was soon ruled out because the rash was only on the covered parts of his body and not on his exposed skin. Now the rash is moving to his face, head and lower extremities and leading us to think it could possibly be linked to food allergies.

This week we went through the cupboards, fridge and freezer to see what we actually had been purchasing and started looking up some of the additives on the computer. My cupboards were so toxic I about fainted everything from boxed potatoes, Jello, table salt, noodles, breakfast cereal canned soup and seasonings. Some research in the fridge took us to the ANNATTO, did you know even milk and cheese contain additives ie: color in cheese?

So on our journey I will be posting some healthy insights in my right hand side blog bar as "Food For Thought". If you have any further questions feel free to email me or leave a comment in the post.

Facts for food for thought have come from the online Wikipidea. Here is my challenge for you today: Try plugging in one of your questionable food additives here and see what you find.

Happy Stamp Day!


Cheryl said...

Pretty cards you made and love your wally. Her embellishment holder is great. She is going to be lost when she discovers she left them at your house. Guess another day of creations is in order. As for your hubbys rash--that is frightening what is in our foods. Guess we need to go back to the "olden" days and grow our own food. Hope the pox is better.

Monika in VA said...

Oh, Sara. That purple card is so lovely! You are so lucky to have a sister close by!

Alas, I'm learning about allergies the hard way~ but it does look like I'm pretty bad with the pea family & I just got an Epipen just in case mine get worse. Hope your hubby feels better!