Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Card and some paper history...

For my card today I combined SU with PTI, I love SU Close to Cocoa DP and the new Spring Moss Perfect Match Ink, ribbon and Card Stock from PTI. The colors working together are just yummy! My Greeting was stamped directly onto the ribbon, IRL it works in the photo it is getting a tad warped.

SAB Rub ons
Close to cocoa ink, marker and DP
Circle Punch

Women of Life
Perfect Match ribbon, card stock, ink
Giga Scallop Punch
Page Pebble

Here is a little history on Paper I found on the net, to see the full article follow the posted link.

History of Rubber Stamping - Paper - Part One
by Debbie Hamman
You can find the entire article at Littlebit.com

Paper has the biggest influence on our daily lives. From memos to newspapers, cash receipts, and brown paper lunch bags, you encounter paper.

Rubber stamps depend on paper to make their biggest impressions. Think about all the different kinds of paper out there. Card stock, newsprint, typing paper, fax paper, Kraft paper, and construction paper to name a few. Where did paper get started?

Most people believe paper came from the Egyptians because they used papyrus to make paper and gave it their name. But this is wrong. The Chinese started paper and letter writing.Paper was invented in 200BC from a scrap of silk. T'Sai Lun who worked in the court of Emperor Ho Ti was hired to reorganize the imperial library. He wanted a way to replace the old wooden tablets. A lot of the paper making techniques today date back from his process. For 100's of years, the Chinese tried to prevent the world from discovering how to make paper. Japanese traders stole the secret and took it to Japan where later they used it to their calligraphy writing. In Europe, paper finally arrived through the Roman Empire. Parchment paper, which originated in Pergamum, Italy illustrated that paper could now be written on both sides.

By 1054AD, paper making became uniform around the world. Handmade paper has not changed its process since then. It is made from cotton, wood, cornstalks, and other things.

...The first paper mill in America opened in 1690 in Germantown, Penn.

... Hallmark cards created a ton of greetings and post cards came into being in the late 1800's... Letters were sealed with wax till the post office decided that letters and packages needed standards in the 1850's. The US government set paper size.

Happy Stamp Day!


Shannon said...

What a nice card Sara! I love the green and brown together...will have to try this combo! TFS!

Latisha said...

very pretty card...I got the rest of my swaps >"< thank you!