Friday, March 7, 2008

Tree Hugging...A Paper Rescue

Paper Rescue from a friend. My good friend works for a local newspaper, it was office spring cleaning this week. The boss wanted to throw away some notebooks that were made for a client and never picked up 500 of them. My friend saved them for me knowing I could make something out of them. Was she ever right! I have three cases of pads on the way to my home and I can't shut my brain off, so many ideas...

Here are some samples I picked up from her on Friday.

Here is our DD and her BFF with their completed notebooks.
They used the SU set "So Cool" with Only Orange Card Stock and Basic Black ink.

Now I have to figure out how to cut the paper down in a re sale fashion. My Fiscar Rotary cutter works takes about 10 cuts per pad but is hard on my hands and I really don't get a super clean edge. What do you use for a paper cutter? After cutting off the print the pages ended up being 4 1'/4 by 4 1/4" and they also came with chipboard backs (SCORE)! It took two notepads to make one bound notebook.

These are going to be great for the benefit!

Happy Stamp Day!


Wanda. said...

Lucky you Sara. Ya gotta LOVE free stuff. Have fun with it and I can't wait to see how you recycle it!!!

Anonymous said...

The best way for you to cut down a bulk amount of paper is to go to your local print shop. My husband owns one and they all have industrial paper cutters. I'm sure they would cut the paper for you to the size you want for a few dollars. I would say that a few dollars is worth a whole lot more than the pain of cutting them yourself. I hope this info. helps!

Christine - NJ

Jen said...

Sara..not only is your crafting ability this are helping keep the world greener. Makes my heart sing! Thanks!