Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not Wired and a shout out...

It was so quiet around here on Friday almost to the point of being ridiculous. Started out when the answering machine would not pick up calls, next it was no Internet and finally the satellite. What is going on? Turns out our little DD had unplugged the second phone line and it was repaired when DH came home but it sure made for one boring Friday. I thought the girls were going to go nuts so we did some spring cleaning. Forgot what the world is like when you are not wired, just unplug for a day, LOL!

Today I want to thank Rochelle over at Impressions for the grand gift set she made and sent to our oldest DD. She did not make just one she sent two and our DD happily shared it with her BFF. So many ideas on her web site please take some time and look around.

She also sent the following along, Hershey Stick Holders plus an entire box of extra sticks. WOW, chocolate heaven for sure! In the box was also a very nice notebook and matching pen just for me. And to top it off she replaced the stamp container for the "have a ball" set, so kind!

Thank you Rochelle for all of your kindness and making a very special mail day for our DD.


Happy Stamp Day!

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Rochelle W said...

You're welcome Sara and Donna. I am glad that you both liked the gifts. Glad Donna had a BFF to give the other one too. I can't wait to see your Hershey Sticks holders. Unless you ate the chocolate already. LOL Have a great day both of you.