Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hit a wall...

This AM my North kitchen wall will be finished and I am so very excited. I have some photos to show you today that have to do with food, family, kitchen and my new wall. I will explain later in the week what I am up to, but for now you can enjoy my follies into the family photo album....

This photo is of our DD enjoying her ice cream sundae after a parade. I love the shirt she is wearing it reads, "Drop the chocolate and no one gets hurt"!

This photo above is my DH grilling at our old home in Sioux Falls. He loves his smoked meat can you tell, still a southern boy at heart.

This photo is of my Brother's BDay, my Mom had a party for us every year with family and then another with our friends. The little girl on the right hand side of the photo is me, yes I am eating!

Happy finished wall day!
BYE, BYE ugliness hello happiness!

You would totally understand my enjoyment of this wall being finished for the past two years since we redid our bathroom I have been looking at green moisture proof drywall as I ate, stamped etc and it was really starting to get on my last nerve. I will try and find a photo before for you, a picture says 1000 words right?

Have a wonderful weekend and happy stamp day!

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