Sunday, March 16, 2008

Favorite TV shows and a Blog Candy Hide and Seek...

Seems like all we watch around here lately are kid cartoons our youngest DD gets upset when the channel is changed so we wait 'til we retire to our room at night to watch the DVR shows for the day. As we were watching Curious George for the 100th time our oldest DD asked me what kind of cartoons I watched as a kid and this is what came to mind...

Early, very early on Saturday morning I remember getting up to watch the "Bay City Rollers", LOL funny. But that is where you would find me first thing on Sat AM. I also liked Finstones, Mr. Magoo, Sesame Street, Kapt. Kangaroo, Mr. Rodgers, Jetsons to name a few.

Some daily shows we used to watch were...
Gilligan's Island
Leave it to Beaver
Brady Bunch
Little House
Simon and Simon

I can remember my Mother watching Guiding Light and As the World Turns.

Don't recall my Dad watching much TV, he liked to read and go to bed Early very hard working man. With one exception he did like to come home and watch the news but my sister and I were busy watching Sesame Street for the third time, it really would wind him up sometimes we would win and other times he would get to watch the news.
I do remember him purchasing our first VCR because of a Power surge while we were renting one we had to purchase it. It actually had a remote control attached to the front of the VCR by a cord, LOL! (Can anyone else remember that?)

So there is my answer, they thought I was kidding when I showed them a clip on You tube of the bay city rollers, LOL!

Blog Candy Hide and Seek is back for another round...

Here is what you have to seek out, your favorite food, kitchen or cartoon memory make sure you share your story and answer one of the following questions...

Where did I celebrate my favorite Birthday?
What SU color are my two new kitchen walls?

Leave a comment here on this post and I will draw a random winner with the number generator. Winner will get there own wall art (up to 15 letters in the George Font), and some secret goodies.

A random winner will be drawn on 3-20-08.


Cathy M said...

Count me in on your creative handmade candy. I just love what you create.
Your favorite BD was at 5 years old and your memories of Disneyland and the beach.
You used the colors basic black and Purely Pomegranate for your kitchen walls.
Thanks for a chance.

Cheryl said...

My favorite birthday memory was when I was an adult, (can't remember how old) my mom brought me a surprise birthday cake to where I worked. I hadn't had a cake since I was a small child, so that cake meant a lot to me. We aren't real big on celebrating birthdays.
Your walls are painted a beautiful purely pomegranite. so pretty Sara.

Cheryl said...

Whoops--forgot to add that your favorite birthday was at Disneyland and the beach!! Sorry, got caught up in my own birthday story.

Jen said...

Okay the tv back flashes where great! I have to vote for CHIPs...those guys were HOT...LOL!
Then there were the Smurf's...they came a little later then Mr. Magoo and the Flintstones..oh and Scooby Doo...LOVED SCOOBY!
Okay...enough with the tv shows. You kitchen looks wonderful! Can I come over for dinner?
If I recall it was purely pomegranate and basic black you used on your walls.
Congrats on your 1 year!

Amy said...

Sara, it is so funny. My daughter aged 5 loves to watch a channel called Boomerang, which has all the old Hanna Barbera cartoons. Her absolute fave is Scooby Doo, but she loves Tom and Jerry too. We also are not allowed to watch any other station! She also likes Pound Puppies and (gag) The Smurfs! Cartoons that were coming on as I was growing out of watching cartoons. You gave me a good laugh for the day. Amy

Linda SS said...

Boy do I feel old - I remember watching The Mickey Mouse Club in Black & White. Another favorite was Popeye. Your kitchen must be very cheery as your walls look Purely Pomegranate, one of my favorite SU colors.

Sara said...

When I was growing up we didn't make a big deal of birthdays. The only thing we did was go out to eat and the birthday boy or girl got to pick the place. My birthday is early Dec. and one year we didn't go to eat until New Years day and we got to eat free because we were the first one's there.
Your kitchen walls are Purely Pomegranate (color matched by Wal-Mart). Great idea! I hadn't thought of that before.
Thanks for the chance to win.