Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blogoversary Day today, Happy Birthday....

Edited 3-16-08 to get video working, video now displayed below.

Okay today is the big day the final reveals and my Blogoversary. Hard to believe I have been at this for a year, but it is such fun the time has flown by. I hope you are enjoying my progress and finding some new ideas and inspiration as I go.
So for the final group of photos in my "Savor the Memories" scrapbook I titled it Friends. We usually go out with our friends here in Monroe most of the time we take turns having each other over for dinner and a game of cards. We also like to play dominoes, Scattergories and this Christmas it was Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader (proud to say that I am), but we decided what happens during the game stays with the game, LOL!
Bottom photo my BFF since the second grade with my Dad at her going away party. She now is happily living in Ohio and is very much missed around here. It is our 20th class reunion this summer I hope she can make it back. She happens to agree with me that my Dad's homemade ice cream is ROCKIN!

Here is a photo of us eating out at Granite City this was a birthday party for my sister and myself. Did you know that there was only 11 months between our births. Her birthday is July 5th and mine is June 9th (I find it funny that we are the same age for a few days, LOL!)
The bottom photo is of my with the women's coffee club my Mom belonged to. Everyday we would walk up to the Bowling Alley so she could chat with her friends. Wonder what she would think of chatting online these days or of Starbucks coffee? Anyway these ladies totally spoiled my sister and myself they would give us anything we asked for up to and including new bikes and a puppy.

This is my first attempt to place my own video on the blog so please bear with me it sounds as if a train is going through our new kitchen.

So how did I do the lettering "Savor the Memories"? I have borrowed my sisters Cricut and purchased some sticky back vinyl from Hobby Lobby. Below is a photo of the vinyl packaging, comes one sheet per package and they have black or white for $1.27. When I was checking on the net one place priced my wallart at $150.00. Good thing for Loving Sisters.

I am having problems with my laptop, does not want to type, be back on Sunday...

Happy Stamp Day!


Monika in VA said...

Congratulations!!! I love your blog! I couldn't see the video! But love how you are keeping up with this. It's fun sharing a bit of your life with you! Keep up the great job!

Wanda. said...

Congratulations Sara. I can't believe a year has gone by for you either. I think we "met" shortly after your blog went up! It's been a pleasure knowing you and I have enjoyed watching you on your stamping journey! Keep up the great work!