Monday, October 12, 2009

Mug Shot...Christmas Gifts 2009

Art Potch on C. Kruel web site

Here is a link on SCS to the mugs that got me started on this quest, mugs by Frankymouse

Here is her blog link (you will need to use the translator and flip it to English) her blog translates in English to francas Tinkering

Well I have been searching and searching the web to find Art Potch in the US and have had ZERO luck. I have PM'd a SCS member out of the States to see if she would be interested in shipping some to me, (my fingers are crossed). In the meantime I have been playing around with different forms of adhesives, glues and lacquers that I have on hand to see what would work. So far I have come up with Glossy Accents by inkssentials (I think this stuff compares to SU Crystal Effects). It is fast drying, soap and water safe (I still would not submerse in water or put in DW) however, it is also microwave safe (I went up to three minutes heating coffee).

Tutorial with Glossy Accents

ceramic mug
tissue paper
permanent inks (PTI hybrid scarlet Jewel, ripe avocado,Enchanted Evening)
Stamps (PTI Flower Garden, PTI flower garden sentiments, bc circles)
glossy accents

1) Stamp your image onto tissue paper using a perm ink such as Staz-on or PTI Hybrid inks.

2) Let dry only takes a few minutes.

3) Cut close around your image with a scissors.

4) Clean your mug with rubbing alcohol, let dry.

5) Rub glossy accents on your mug where you are going to place your tissue.

6) Carefully and slowly apply your tissue to the mug (make sure you have some glossy accents on your application finger) this stuff dries fast when you use a small amount and if your finger gets sticky you will be tearing up your tissue.

7) Once you have it down and smooth apply a thicker coat of Glossy Accents to the top of the image and let dry for 24 hours.

Tomorrow I have a tutorial for the heating coaster, see you then.

Happy Stamp Day!


Amy said...

Cool mug! Thanks for the tutorial--you are so great about that.

Cheryl said...

WOW!!! What a gift this would make. Sara, you are a genius.

Banu said...

Very very nice :) The mug looks real nice...very professional, like I would have bought from a Hallmark store or something. Thanks so much for the tutorial as well Sara. That always comes in Handy. It would be so nice if you could post this on SCS.

crafterGM said...

Thanks so much for the tutor. Do you happen to have a picture of what the stuff looks like that you used so I can go find some. I just love the mugs. Thanks Gloria M.

Chris said...

this is fabulous!! love it!

Sophia said...

I'm a little late here, but thanks for figuring out an alternative to that art potch! I, too, searched everywhere online but couldn't find any in the US. I'll have to give this a try, since I'd love to customize a few mugs this year!!

craftthedayawway said...

I've been looking for a alternative to art potch this will work well thanks for the tip wish it was a little more durable (DW safe/water submerge able) but at least you were able to find something most crafters already have in their supplies Thanks Again! and Beautiful mug!

printed mugs said...

so nice mugs i like it.