Saturday, June 14, 2008

Retro Glasses part 2...

Here I am in the 9th grade big glasses, feathered hair and an oxford shirt. Man, I had the 80's down pat!

Now this Pic I can LOL at it is of my Sister in the 10th grade. She really had the 80's style going remember the skinny ties the girls thought were cool? Were they ever really cool? NOT, LOL! (She is going to hurt me I can feel it coming!)

I still had these dopey glassed when I graduated high school, how did I ever become an honor student and a Fashion Major with glasses like that?

Don't forget the release party over on PIT forum and Nichole's blog tonight! A ton of new fantastic things are on the way. I will have my technique up on Sunday for my June GSS project for PTI.

Happy Stamp Day!

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Cheryl said...

At the time you were really COOL!!! Isn't it amazing how the styles change? You looked very pretty in your graduation gown. What is the GSS for PTI? Is that something we should be hollering congrats to you for?