Saturday, March 12, 2011


Paper Covers rock, wood, glass, chipboard and canvas.   Scissors cuts paper.   Sorry, I just had to!  LOL!  
However, around here Sara has paper COVERED!
So much so DH had a total fit when I went to order from Winter CHA.  One quick walk uptown solved this battle.  His little car hobby eclipses my creative obsession with paper.
Below I will show you how I organize and store this colorful investment.

Here is the view of my storage from my new sitting area. 

These three drawer plastic storage cubes are perfect for 12 by 12 DP.  I found mine at Wal-Mart.  I use two of them and could use more;)  I have the main Companies I use here for now.  Yes, I need two drawers just for BasicGrey.  Can you say addicted?  So if you are asking yourself what my favorite DP company is now you know.  Can't beat BasicGrey!  
How about the sign?  Gotta love it!

This is the next sign I need to get...

Below is a set of storage cubes Wal-Mart had on clearance after Back To School.  Here I keep my Stampin' Up DP.  Larger paper stacks, papertrey ink dp and extra cardstock.
The little cubby is a great place to toss scraps "Crap" til it can be organized. Yes, I said organized crap.  Take this link to see how I sort the small sCRAPs.  Jessica loves to dig in here and make her own creations.

I have a two drawer file cabinet that holds most of my cardstock.  The extra packages I purchase sit in the previous cubby til I need them.  SU is in the top drawer and PTI sits on the bottom.  I actually use PTI cardstock the most of any company. They are my FAVORITE when it comes to cardstock!  Hands down, no contest PaperTrey. This drawer is the easiest to reach and if I leave the drawer open the entire thing won't crash forward.  Oh, yes!  Took me a few times of that rodeo before I changed things up.

I have labels made for both companies color collections.  I do keep them in order that works best for me.  **I have the colors I use most in the front.  
**Another tip when I get the basics in I take and entire package cut and score my card bases.  

I don't mess around when I order I go for the big packs saves money in the end;)

Well there you have it.  Now you know how I store my Paper.
To find out my top tool pics click the link HERE.

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless!


Wanda. said...

I am SO jealous. Your area is so neat and organized. And I REALLY love your warning sign!!! Gotta get me one of those to put up in my workroom. I'd love for mine to be organized like that. I'm working on it but it's slow going.

Susan said...

I loved the tour of your room! That sign is hysterical. I need it! I organize my paper similar to yours but yours looks SO much nicer.

Jen A said...

Your craft space is looks wonderful! Your papers are so organized!!!Wanna come do Love the sign too!

Banu said...

Sara, Loved the sign. Super Organization as well. My paper collection is all over my craft area.