Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cameo Sketch Appearance

How long has it been since I participated in a Sketch Challenge over on SCS.  A VERY LONG TIME.  Because this one was simple and I am all over that today I took the plunge. 
 Here is the sketch layout and you can take the
to find out more.

Here is one easy card.  And so beautiful I don't think I will be able to let it live anywhere else.
The cameo is from the Philippines.  Yes, the Philippines.  I ordered from Etsy.  Did not take her long to get me some and they are BEA-utiful!  Once again I find myself more ready to hoard them then to use them especially the black and white one.  LOVE IT!  The Cameo Bezel came from her as well.  I wanted to make it into a pin back however it totally destroyed the look and I did not like it.   Could always mail a pin back with the card and let them know they can remove it and adhere the back.  
Wait, didn't I say this was not going to leave the house?
This could easily be framed and turned into an art piece.  IRL the cameo and DP are really that divine.  

I did find a great page about resin casting.  You can check this link out.
I have to warn you I tried making my own and gave up.  You have to get the mix perfect, no air bubbles etc.  Frankly it drove me crazy and I decided not to waste more money or time on it.  I even had DH try he works with hardener mixing all the time with automotive paint. 
 Even Mr. Big Shot Himself could not do it right.  Ha Ha Ha;)
Not to mention this stuff stinks have to ventilate your workspace very well. 

 Make sure if you give it a go KEEP IT AWAY FROM CHILDREN and PETS.
If you try and  have good luck please share your secret.

And if you are like me don't have good luck here is a link to Cameo's on Etsy.

Product list...
Websters Pages Once upon a springtime
PTI vintage cream and ripe avocado
Memento tuxedo black ink
SU stamp set
Glue Dots

Happy Stamp Day.  May God bless our Country and the World.


Chris said...

wow this is beautiful!~ you did a fabulous job on this!!

Jen A said...

Wow, wow, wow...that card is gorgeous!