Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday / Donna update

Ash Wednesday celebrated by Christians in our area as follows...


Usually children and the non baptized don't participate this can vary among congregations and organizations.  So if you see people around with an image of the cross on their forehead you now know what it is for.  It symbolizes the start of Lent and repentance for your Sin.

Donna was at Dr. appintments all morning and the results are as follows...
Looking at doing a tibial transfer on her right knee.  This will hold her kneecap in place so it stops dislocating and causing more trauma to the surrounding .  He said it will not totally correct the Patella tracking but she will benefit with more stability.

Next they repeated x-rays and MRI on her Thoracic spine.  During her accident she actually had a BURST fracture occur right between the shoulder blades.  This is where  the vertebrae exploded into tiny pieces.  She is having some difficulty with the pain this causes and the compressing of nerves in the spine.  Dr. is worried about the placement of the fracture and if is better to let it go or try and fix.  Most burst fractures that occur in the thoracic spine are not candidates for surgery because the area surrounding  is delicate (lungs and heart were his main concerns).  Good news he is passing her onto Dr. McKenzie (my back Dr.) and I could not be more happy about that;)

Donna's Actual x-ray Mom had to crop and cut out all the things she does not want you to see.  (Case in point my glo worm won't go through an x-ray line at the airport anytime soon nor will her Mother).

We  appreciate your continued prayers for Donna as she  recovers.  She has been allowed to go to Montana with the Youth Group. (She will not be SKIING per Dr. orders.)  They are leaving on Thursday and returning on Sunday.

I plan on getting back on the CRAFT track Thursday with a fun post to follow;)

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless.


Chris said...

so glad to hear that eerything is going good with donna's recovery! thanks for the update!

Susan said...

Wow that is some break. :( I will continue to keep her in my prayers.