Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wonderfully BLESSED?!

This new line from Teresa Collins is WONDERFUL to play with.  I am the first one to tell you I am not a big fan on PaperTrey's Raspberry Fizz in fact not a pink girly girl by any stretch of your imagination.  
  Hmm, guess who has to order more cardstock in Raspberry Fizz?  Who?  Me?  Couldn't be! 

I purchased Teresa Collins Posh collections at  

This card was made for my challenge over Inspired Crafters you can find it here.
The challenge picks three major trends showing up Spring 2011 in the fashion industry.  I have a rant about the nautical stripes.  Every year there is nautical stripes so is it truly a trend?  Hmm?  I DON'T THINK SO!.

The Wonderfully FAB crochet flower was indeed made by yours truly;)  
There is lace and stripes in the Teresa Collins DP.  So there you have it I fit all the trends or (non trends) into this creation.  Go Me!  Join us on the challenge show me what you've got!
{{Hugs and prayers go out to Banu,  thinking about you my friend.}}

Okay, so where am I pulling my title for this little bit?  Here we go...

My wonderfully faithful friend Jen told me... God blesses his chosen ones she says...

Not by happenstance/circumstance/just chance... I sat down for the first time in a week to create.  
Turned on Life 96.5 Turning Point was on.  
(I listen once in a while not all the time, most nights when I am seeking peace or just a

No, I did not get much creating done but my pen learned how to fly!  Here is a sample for you...

We can be mad.  We can give up, lie down and quit living. 
Or we can say, Lord 
teach me; teach me things that I could never have learned any other way. 
 Not “why me?”, But Lord, I will not be the same person.  
I will learn from this... 
 I can tell you that you will never see life the same again...changed everything.  The moon is brighter.  The sun is more brilliant.  The 
golden waving wheat is more wonderful. 

Helen Steiner Rice, “Bend in the Road”:  Sometimes we come to life’s crossroads and 
we view what we think is the end.  But God has a much wider vision and he knows it’s 
only a bend.  The road will go on and get smoother and after we’ve stopped for a rest, 
the path that lies hidden beyond us is often the path that is best.  So rest and relax and 
grow stronger.  Let go and let God share your load.  Have faith in a brighter tomorrow.  
You’ve just come to a bend in the road.”

My Children are hurting.  Alive.  I am blessed.
Donna will soon be enjoying Montana.  I am Blessed.
 (LOL, She will take this the wrong way!)
Jessica, went missing then was found.  I am Blessed.
I feel pain.  I am Blessed.
I struggle.  I am Blessed
I have a very long list of Blessings,

Just got the call from OI.  The Burst Compression fracture is not healing.  Appointment has been set for the 26th of March for Donna to see Dr. McKenzie. 
 Dr. McKenzie cares for my back concerns and has done surgery on my Aunt, we are thankful God has him working in our lives and are confident he will take us down the correct healing path.
 Leads me to wonder why most the Tieszen's in the area were so called... Bone Setters?!  
LOL!  They needed their own Dr. Supply.
  ROTFLMAO (if my back would allow that is)!

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless!  When you are Wonderfully Blessed be thankful;)

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Chris said...

this is a fabulously done card!! i too qam out of RF, but i am NOT ordering any more...lmao. but i love your card!!

loved your writings for today. you are blessed.