Sunday, March 27, 2011


When Donna was in the Hospital we spent long nights just chatting.
 She asked me what life
was like before kids..
She wanted to know about my jobs and what I liked to do.
She wanted to hear of my friends and my adventures.

 I decided to scrap a bit of my history surrounding her questions.
You can click on
each page to see the larger version.
No fancy layouts or supplies.  Once again I am going for
easy so I can say I have gotten something accomplished.
Otherwise my page counting friends might kick me out of
the group.  JK;) they wouldn't do that.

My goodness if you love your job so much can you still
call it work?

My first REAL job as you see below was for Target.  I worked my way
through HS and College here.  I left them for bigger adventures after graduation.

Target two page layout...

The Bigger adventure I left Target for was an Assistant Manager at Braun's Fashions.  Since I was not 21 yet I could not be a store manager.  When I hit that BD milestone I was given my own store in Fort Dodge IA.
Braun's 2 page layout...

Talk about a fun job.  I worked in a Historical Building
at a Historic Time for Praxis "SAP" consulting Group.
Then I decided to get back to what I really loved
Merchandising and Display
and I took a Visual Specialist job with Kohl's. 

I placed an extra pic of the historical marker...

Here is the two page Praxis and Kohl's layout...

Happy Stamp Day.  May God Bless our Country and the World.


Wanda. said...

What a great idea to spotlight your jobs on scrapbook pages. It's always nice for others to see more of your history than just a few family photos. The more your family knows about you the better!! Great job on the pages too!

Amy said...

I think this is such a wonderful resource for your daughters! And it's great for you to look back as well--nice job!

Jen A said...

I enjoyed seeing these pages on FB. It's fun to see these bits of your life! TFS

Chris said...

these were all awesome!! what a great thing to scrap! tfs!