Saturday, February 26, 2011

Start with the Best Before you do the Rest

I see it all the time, the frustration it brings to me is mind boggling. Please if you make card creations these basic steps are a MUST DO! I have hosted and participated in numerous swaps. I have stopped for a few reasons however, the top reason is quality.

Here are my tips...

1) Cut your Cardstock straight using a good trimmer.

Paper trimmers are compared here.
My favorite is this one. Easy to line up and your paper does not slip around. The bar and your pressure is holding it in place.
Original Fiscars Rotary

2) Scor your card base before you fold. This will give you a crisp line for your cardstock to fold into.

3) Fold using the scor tool working from the bottom edge to the top. This gives you a perfect edge card base! No more miss matched ends or sides.

I purchased the Original scor pal years ago. Since Martha has come out with an improved version. I have not taken the bite yet. However, it is really tempting.
Martha Steward Scor Board you can see it here.

Here is the difference side by side. Now you know what I am talking about! The photo on the left has a professional look. On the other hand the right card base has wrinkles and cracks and does not have matching edges.

So if you are a seasoned pro or just starting out these two basic tools are a must.

Have a Happy Stamp Day. God Bless.

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