Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wild Lime Oasis

Since I have an abundance of scrapping and card making supplies I decided to sink some MOOLAH into DRESSING up my creative space. It is my own creative style you can't really put it into just one class of design. Our home is old and I do like the old school shabby style. However, I am also a HUGE fan of graphic patterns the use of bold color. So here I have balanced a combination of styles to make a space where I can be calm and creative at the same time. My Wild Lime Oasis. Did I just say that? Is it even possible to be calm and creative at the same time? We shall find out.

Below is the view from my desk...

Here is the rundown on these cool chairs.
Love this chair as much as I do? You can purchase it here.

The Zebra print used here is not BW actually is Black and Cream. This along with the round back and curvature of the arms tones down the normal in your face graphic style just enough to work in this situation. Also blends down to the floor rug that is light sand in color.

These lime and cream pillows are just plain cool. They remind me of East India in feel with the pattern of the fabric. They could even be classified as a mod print.

Below I bundled up three Mennonite Hymnals with PTI Chartreuse Ribbon. I topped off the stack with an old pair of my glasses. They too are animalistic in feel. They have little cutouts on the rims to resemble cat eyes and on the inside of the frame there is a graphic BW skin print. They are stacked on a tufted leather ottoman with space for storage inside.

Cant forget this beauty from the CHA trade show for Cosmo Cricket.

Here is my version of the Metal Dress Form with a butterfly flower flourish.

I moved her to the kitchen to get a contrast background color to show off her stylish beauty. The swirls, the beading and asymmetrical structure. YUMMY! GRACEFUL! BLISS!

I have also purchased a black trifold screen. AHH. Block of the washer and hamper, out of sight out of mind.

Here is a view looking in from the new kitchen. Yes, that is DH on his stinking FARM TOWN. I have earphones so I don't have to listen to his excessive clicking. UGH! GRR! I have said it before thanks to the creator of the Farm Town APP. NOT!

DH still has some "bones" work to complete in this room (the OLD kitchen). Drywall, paint and ceiling. Everything is portable so when he is ready it can be scooted out of his way.

Happy Stamp Day. God Bless.


Wanda. said...

Your little space has a calm look to it Sara. Hopefully your home will be done soon. We have some remodeling coming up here but it's going to be hired out so it gets done!!!

Angela said...

This rocks! Awesome job decorating! Love the zebra chairs especially....

Kerry Crockett said...

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love those chairs...and that pop of lime?...fabulous! I am having to practice some serious restraint to keep from buying one right now. :-)

Jen A said...

Oh those chairs and pillow are so fun and funky! I adore the butterfly & flowers on the dress form too! very cool!