Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cosmo Cricket's Julie Comstock

Cosmo Cricket
Photo below taken by Debbie Olson at CHA Winter 2011

I so love all things visual, floral and material related. When I saw this above pic that Debbie Olson posted from CHA I was instantly Inspired.
I have a challenge for you today make a creation using this Visual as inspiration. Visual created by Julie Comstock the owner/designer of Cosmo Cricket.

I have watched many tutorials on flowers last year. You can search them out on my blog search bar. I have posted my favorite one below, it is by Julie.

These Photos below also posted by Debbie Olson. This wreath was also in the Cosmo Cricket Booth. (Using Circa 1934.)

Close up view. Photo by Debbie Olson.

Cosmo Cricket

Have a Happy Stamp Day. God Bless.

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Chris said...

very cool inspiration!