Saturday, September 22, 2007

When we hold a candle...

I must say first off that this week has been rough for me because of SCS and the WRAK forum. Let me take time here to explain to some of you who are not so familiar with these acronyms. Split Coast Stampers (SCS) is my fave site to check out on the net they have tons of ideas in the gallery and lots of information and tutorials they also have forums for members (specialized groups) for those who wish to be more involved with the site. I am a WRAK member (Wish Rak) Random Acts of Kindness and I spend most of my free time while DD is napping getting mail ready to go out to other members. This means some other member makes a wish in the forum and if I have what is on the wish list I will fulfill the wish and get it out in the mail to them. Remember this is a Random Act of Kindness, send what you can make others wishes come true. This group has been great for me up to this point as a SHAM of three kids I don't have a huge stamping budget like some of you gals have so it is nice to wish for things so I get a chance to play with some stamp sets that I like that I know I will never be able to purchase. Well this week the forum was shut down because some members were not happy with the way counting wishes was going. (You would grant a wish and this gives you a wish to make etc..) Some people felt others were giving out too many wishes to some people. Well it is back up and running and people are still angry and I just can't comprehend why. I have granted about 100 wishes and used 58 of those wishes asking for images in return. About half and I don't think I will ever use all of the wishes I have earned. To me the forum is to give what you can to make others happy and that is it - I don't expect anything else - and boy are their some that do I guess and they are making it hard for others. So this week I pulled out my fave sentiment stamp and I am going to share it with you now...

When we hold a candle to light another's path, we also brighten our own. (Simple, and I love it and now I am going to use it alot to help spread the word of how we should act toward one another.)

So the cards you see are for the WRAK members I grant wishes to I used Baroque Motifs and the colors are Wassabi, Regal Rose and Rose Red. The center flower has been cut out and a crystal placed in the center. When they open the card they see the sentiment listed above and then on the back (second photo) they will find all of the wish info. These are 3 by 3 cards.

I am having issues with Blogger this AM but I will be back later with a card for today.
This is the best part of my day...the house is still yet a tad on the cool side. Everyone is asleep except DH who has left for work (even the kitty is sleeping - shhhh). I have plenty of ideas working around in my mind and today is going to be a great stamp day!
Enjoy the morning and I will be back to edit the post when Blogger decides it wants to upload.


Cheryl said...

Sara, I agree with you--this has been a tough week for sure and I missed my WRAK board. I am not angry at all as I love granting wishes and also will never use up all the wishes I have been granted. I do like to give alot of wishes when I get something extrememly nice and that the person did a great job of stamping or went above and beyond what was necessary. So I guess I was one of the guilty ones, but how else can you show your appreciation for the extra given? Anyhow, I love WRAK and missed it. I have gotten so many images that I never could have afforded to buy. Thanks for stating what you think. I agree completely and I love your little cards.
Cheryl Sims

kathy said...

Those are pretty nice cards Sara. I agree with you. I don't grant as many wishes as you do but I try to do a few a month(I work a full time job as a salaried mgr so that means alot of hours) I think I just asked for my 6th bonus wish. People need to be grateful for what the get because I tell you I am greatful for every wish that is granted to me