Friday, August 7, 2009

The Shack by William P. Young

I was so excited awhile back when my Step Mom Jan Senior Dancer said she has this book and was reading it when her DD was done it was my turn. Well this week became my turn, I had some spare time as the kids were swimming so I started, I actually said they had to stay in longer so I could read more, LOL! They were not happy with that so we all came in and I had to put the book down til the next day. Before everyone was up and scampering around I finished the book and let me tell you LIFE CHANGING are two words that quickly come to mind. Good thing because I would have hated to have them see me crying over a book I was reading that is totally how powerful reading (The Shack)is.

I have said that I totally don't agree with some of the writings in the book but keep in mind it is a work of fiction. Then with that I have to say what the book does for the soul of the reader out weighs some of its challenges to your way of thinking.

I am not a theologian in fact I don't read that much into anything. Most things for me are at FACE value. My Father said not to long ago to me that I was taking scripture to literally? Anyhow, I am still trying to work that one out in my mind I will let you know how that goes... Some critics link this book to Occult status my thinking is don't read between the lines keep it a work of fiction and the book truly will work miracles in your life and send out ripples on the pond. When you read into anything it becomes what you want it to be not what it is.

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God is Good, and God is Love!
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Amy said...

It's always so wonderful to find a book that touches us so deeply.

Cheryl said...

I read this book also, Sara, and it really gave me a new perspective. I loved it.

Jen said...

My mom sent this to Frank for his B-day. Niether of us has taken the time to read it yet...might be next on my list.

Wanda said...

Sara - I too loved the book and had trouble remembering that it is a work of fiction; however, it is based on the events of the author's life. I was dumbfounded how the author referred to the Triune. Great read.