Friday, August 21, 2009

Little J Crafts for the Fair

Little J was so happy to enter her crafts at the fair and more excited to get the ribbons home she actually slept with them Thursday night and today after the school open house she has plans for the candy aisle with her prize money.

We had planned just to enter her in the Fancy Soap division the lady that checked her in split up her soaps and put one in the "other" category and gave her two chances at winning.

The soap you see in the center of the pic are made with melt and pour soap cubes. **Supervision is a must with the melted soap it is very HOT!** Make sure they stir slowly and the adult should actually pour into the mold. By the way her soaps are lavender scented LOL!

Product list...
Melt and pour soap cubes
Soap mold

My detailed directions can be found here.

Take the embedded soap link under labels for more clean fun.

I will be back to place scans for the next ribbon winners, Happy Stamp Day!


Banu said...

ooh!!!! That is soooo precious Sara. I would have slept with the ribbons toooo.......Your kids are just amazing and they are soooo talented. Thanks for sharing this with us. Feels so good.

Amy said...

SOOO very cute! Congrats Little J on your ribbons! I have made soaps before--that stuff does get HOT. I also have trouble getting the right amount of scent--mine are usually too strong!

Susan aka "Crunchy" said...

Aww, how cute that she slept with her ribbons!! She should be proud, she did a great job!

Jen said...

Yay for little J!!!!

Chris said...

little j, you go girl!! you rock!