Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Painted Ornament Tutorial

Below is the finished product a painted glass ball ornament...

Here is how you can make your own...

Painted Ornament Tutorial Product list
1) Clear Glass Ornament any size
2) Acrylic Craft Paints (I love the glitter or metallic types for this project)
3) Old container to catch excess paint
4) Adhesive Backed Vinyl
5) Cricut
6) Cricut Cartridge of your choice
7) 8" length of Ribbon

1) Remove hanger from ornament
2) Pour in Acrylic Paint of your choice
3) Swirl the paint around in the ornament making sure to cover the entire inside
4) Place ornament upside down so excess paint can drain out (I used a cool Whip container and egg carton works great also
5) Let dry this could take a few days, make sure it is totally dry
6) Place hanger back on the ornament
7) Tie your length of ribbon to the top
8) Cut your Vinyl
9) Remove the protective backing
10) Smooth vinyl onto the ornament

Below you can see how I drain the ornaments...

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Cheryl said...

Very pretty Sara. Mindy and I made some ornaments but didn't do the vinyl. Maybe we should try it.

Amy said...

Wow, this is a really neat idea. I have done similar things with reinkers, but I bet paint would be much easier!

Jen A said...

Very cool!

Wanda. said...

WOW Sara, it's beautiful! You are making me even more anxious for Christmas day!!!

Banu said...

WOW!!Ornament is spectacular. I really liked how well the Vinyl Cricut letters look on them. Thanks for the tutorial and the pictures. Those are always helpful to me.

Chris said...

too freakin cool! i would never think to pour the paint inside, but it makes total sense!! very cute ornament!! >"<

Susan said...

That is gorgeous!! Wish I had more time to make some of these!!