Thursday, December 17, 2009

Off Road Mayhem, part 2

Today I am showing you gift number two made with the extra pieces from yesterday's post. I wanted to make it look like street gear so I used silver metallic paint and created over spray to cover the image and parts of the T. Do this outside in a well ventilated place so you don't over spray anything else;)

Here is a quick tutorial on how I did this T...
1) Launder T and dry
2) Cut the vinyl so it cuts through the vinyl and the backing
3) Weed your vinyl onto the transfer tape and set aside
4) Piece your backing paper onto a sheet of transfer tape
5) Spray with a light adhesive I used quilt backing spray
6) Place on your laundered T
7) Place cardboard inside your t to prevent spray from soaking to back side
8) Spray over design with spray paint
9) Let Dry
10) Peel off the backing from T and throw away
11) Launder T once again after it dries for a day

Note** you can also do this step with the negative in vinyl but I used this for a different project I will show you tomorrow**
Product list...
White T
Metallic Silver Spray Paint
Cricut Expression
Cricut Cars Cartridge
Cricut Vinyl Backing
Light Temp adhesive (I used quilt basting spray)


Amy said...

This is very cool! I know your nephew will love it! (Hope he doesn't read your blog LOL!)

Jen A said...

very cool!

Susan said...

Cute!!! You are so talented!!