Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Off Road Mayhem! A layering Tutorial

I have made this Vinyl wall art for my Nephew as a Christmas gift. I used my Expression and the 12 by 24 mat, Cars Cartridge and two colors of Cricut vinyl grey and green. I used the Expressions fit to page key (I can't remember the cut size but this is a huge piece he is going to love it). To make this I had to layer the two colors meaning I had to make two different cuts, guess what I used the other cut to make an additional piece and I used the backing from the vinyl to create another, making that three projects from two cuts.

Video on youtube by Happy Happy Joy Joy...

How to layer vinyl tutorial...
1) Cut your background shape on the highest settings so you cut through the vinyl and the backing.
2) Leave the backing on this cut piece
3) Cut your next layer with all the settings at 3 so you don't cut the backing layer.
4) Make your cut
5) Apply your transfer tape
6) Weed your image (Transfer it to your tape)
7) Layer your image over your background cut.
8) Clean the wall where you wish to place your vinyl leaving no residue
9) Peel the backing from the background shape
10) Adhere to your surface


Amy said...

Adorable!!! I just got the notice that my Cricut has shipped. UPS--so I guess it won't be here until next week.

Chris said...

very cute!! your nephew will totally love this!! >"<