Sunday, December 6, 2009

Naked Christmas

My friend Jen from Fstop Memories had a link to this site last week Christmaschange
A naked CHRISTmas from

I loved this video...

Christmas Change from Kujilana on Vimeo.

Then they started talking on the blog about Naked Christmas From their blog...
The dark, naked wood points to the Cross. Each twig is a reminder that Christmas was only the beginning of our redemption story. That baby in a manger was destined for crucifixion. So we purposefully left a few branches bare. No amount of lights and ornaments can mask the stark truth of His death for our eternal life.

The tree, obtained from a nearby obliging forest, fits nicely into our Christmas tree stand, even though it’s only got about a three inch trunk. And you’d be surprised how much farther we could stretch our lights and ornaments without all those needles in the way. We didn’t spend a penny on lights this year, and yet somehow we had enough to cover every inch of our doubled-in-size tree.

I think it’s my favorite Christmas tree ever...Before you dive into the Christmas season head on, take a moment with your family to stop and question everything. What are you doing this year to be intentional about seeing Christ in Christmas? How can you make old traditions new with a bit of frugal creativity? What can you change about this Christmas to give it genuine worth?

Put CHRIST back into your CHRISTmas this year find the PEACE and BEAUTY of the true meaning of CHRISTmas and hang onto the CHRIST spirit in 2010.


Amy said...

Cool story! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. You could try the fabric puff paint--I would try it on scraps first.

Banu said...

Neat :) Sara, I heard some where that fabric puff paint also reacts the same way..but not sure. I also need some liquid need being the operative word here.