Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plum Pudding Please...

Our DD loves PTI's Plum Pudding she had requested it to paint her bedroom walls. I did cave took a piece of card stock to Wal-Mart and had a Half Gallon mixed for her, I only agreed to an accent wall done in such a dark color. I do love the finished look however, I did not help her paint and I see she has some fixing to do. I don't venture up our steps very often and this is where the girl's bedrooms are so they pretty much have free reign of the upstairs. Once in a long while on a good day for me I will go up there and see what is going on.

Anyhow after her room was done she wanted to display her CD holder photo cube. Sorry for the blurry photo is is cloudy here today and her room is a venture into the dark side, LOL!! Not the best place if you want to take a good photograph.

Product list...
PTI Plum Pudding card stock and Ink
PTI Lavender Moon Ink
PTI Guidelines DP
PTI Vintage Cream Card stock
PTI Vellum
PTI Butterfly Kisses stamp set
4 cd cases
Packing Tape
SU Sab Rub-ons

Have you seen what PTI is going to release tonight?? Wow, I am blown away from all of the projects so many wonderful ideas. You can go over to "capture the Moment" and get signed up to win one of 15 stamp sets to be given away, and have your credit card ready to order at Midnight, I am sure this product will go fast.

Have a Happy Stamp Day!


Cheryl said...

Pretty color. One wall is great. Neat the girls have free reign of the upstairs.

Jen said...

You are such a cool Mom!