Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PaperTrey Ink Storage System

**I have not been Paid nor been given any of this product this is my personal review of products I have purchased.**

I now have all the colors of Perfect Match Ink along with Palette Noir that Paptertrey Ink offers on their web page. Today I want to talk to you about storage and organization of this type of ink.

1) Store all of your Perfect Match and Palette Ink pads face up. (Do not store them upside down!)

2) Stamp each color using the same stamp on a piece of white sticker paper. Adhere the sticker to the edge of the ink pad where is it visible in your storage system. This gives you a fast way to pick your ink and keep it organized. For my ink pad storage system I use a re-purposed cassette storage rack that was salvages from a thrift store. I then stamped my sticker paper using a Polka Dot out of Polka Dot Basics stamp set and placed it on one end of my ink pad.

3) If you happen to mix a darker color of ink onto a lighter ink pad blot the ink pad on paper towels and newsprint overnight. The next day re-ink your pad with the appropriate Perfect Match ink refill.

4) Perfect Match and Hybrid Palette Pads are Permanent ink, acid free, archival, non fading and fast drying. They don't bleed when you use markers, water colors or certain adhesives on images. They also with stand the elements so if you stamp on the outside of an envelope when the envelope reaches its destination the ink has not smeared due to weather (rain, snow etc...).

5) Perfect Match and Hybrid Palette Pads are wonderful and permanent on the following surfaces...
Fabric (need to heat set)
Glossy Surfaces (need to heat set)
card stock
and more...

6) This ink is not for embossing you will still need to use a versamark or embossing pad for this purpose.

I enjoy working with this type of ink it has quickly become my Favorite product to use because of its versatility (no more need to purchase different ink for fabric, glass and paper) Perfect Match Ink does it all!! And it is permanent, next time you give a hand stamped gift of paper the recipient won't be wearing any of the color on their clothes or hands. LOL!! Yes, it has happened to me when I gave a stamped bag full of goodies as a gift.

Happy Stamp Day!


stampinc said...

This looks lika a great system. I'm going to have to add this to my list. Thanks for all the tips on the inks.

Verda said...

Great organizational ideas. Thanks for the tips.

Jen said...

Thanks for all this great info...I need to go flip my palette inks back over..lol. They are upside down out of habit.

Chris said...

how come these don't get stored upside down? i like the storage system....too bad, i have no vertical space....LOL