Saturday, September 6, 2008

Busy, is as Busy Does...

This school year has brought on many challenges for our family as we learn new routines and schedules. Then on Friday it happened again, our 2yr old decided to play with a necklace it broke and a bead found it's way up her nose. Another trip to the Dr. to have it removed, this time we did not need the ER and it was a fast visit but DD sure did pitch a fit (hopefully she has learned with this event).

Our oldest DD plays in the HS band and last night our school had the game of the week, if you take this link you can check out the action can anyone spot our DD with the band, hint DD plays the flute and is on one end of the bleachers? Have to load the video before you watch, I hate it when the computer can't keep up with the player so annoying, and that is with broadband I feel for those still using dial up!!

Now for the card for today it is another PTI round 8 swap card that has come in, this one is from Sarahbellum2

These girls are so going to have me purchasing another floral set that I have been trying so very hard to avoid doing. This was made with PTI's Floral Frenzy. In my spare moments I have been getting this swap round organized and ready for swapping, that includes taking photos for the Gallery Album, you can find the Album for round 8 Here.

Happy Stamp Day!


Wanda. said...

What a sweet card Sara!

Wanda. said...

What a sweet card Sara!

Jen said...

I like the stems on these. I know what you mean...I'm always resisting another floral set...what's up with that?