Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here it is...

Another True Friend Card with Apple Cider Paper and BOHO Wheel, gotta love this stuff. My Sister is coming to stamp today so be checking back for some awesome new ideas.

This photo is of our DD after she placed her paw in the patio, don't worry all of the girls did this. Now that it is dried and cleaned up I will get a photo posted for you.
The Dr. Called yesterday, never a good thing when they call is it. My blood test came back and I guess I all ready was in the know of what she had to say. I have not been able to move gracefully for a while now because of my back but when my hips started to hurt out of the blue I knew one of two things my back is getting worse and pinching off a nerve or arthritis. It is partially the later she can't tell me what type it is RA or otherwise possibly even Lupus, she left it up to me for further testing. (With no insurance probably won't do much at this time it is expensive and not covered at the clinic I use.) Either way she said most of it is treated the same way so I will keep using Celebrex and taking Glucosamine and my multi vitamins and plug away at with things I know I can do ie: stamping, eating chocolate, watching tv and trying to keep pace with our littlest DD (this is starting to get challenging.)
Happy stamp day!


Cheryl said...

Sorry about your arthritis. I know about it too as I have it too, but mine is osteoarthritis and I too take celebrex. Somedays it helps, somedays it doesn't. I find that if I keep active that I feel better, but that is hard.
Keep up the good work--your cards are beautiful.

Wanda. said...

I LOVE this card Sara. You did a great job with it. It's one set I don't own.

Wanda. said...

You have been nominated for the Best Blog Friends Award. Please see my blog for details

jodene said...

So loving the colours of this card!!