Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Day before Christmas break....

For this notebook I used a snowman I had previously made as card candy.
And for these notebooks I used the last of my WRAK images to complete, I love this set now that I have seen it, sure hope it shows up in the new Catty along with Merry and Bright.
Well everything is at school with the Girl's as of today, WHEW what a tornado of activity that was. Getting gifts ready for Teachers, Bus Drivers and friends. As of 7:00 this AM I was informed that my youngest needed an exchange gift, 7:00! I had some notebooks made, a necklace beaded and some pens and chapstick I thought that would make a wonderful exchange gift for her to give so now I am done, (well baring anymore surprises).
One more big THANK YOU to Wanda for getting some notebooks ready for me to create with. You want some? Visit her blog here, "My Creative Corner"


JenniferL. said...

These are very cute!

Rochelle W said...

Dang, these are very cute. I have to get a rubicoil.