Saturday, December 22, 2007

Paper Trey Puzzler.....

Paper Trey Puzzler contest that went with the last release party on December 15th
I love games and love Paper Trey images and all of you that read my blog or have been in my previous swaps know that this is a fact. Quite simply Nichole's images can't even be in the same class as other images they are far to ingenious and creative. So when I read on Nichole's Blog that there was a contest to win some stamps I played along for the week and on a daily basis checked her blog for the next question and collected the answers.

Along the way I made some of the samples she had shown us like the Purse made from a plastic box, LOVE IT if you have not seen these yet you must visit here and put it on your to do list Capture the Moment

Now for my point are you ready? Nichole posted day 4 question and at a later time went back and edited the posted question without posting anywhere for her daily readers to go back and check her blog that the post had been altered which in the end changed the answer for the puzzler.
(Got it?)
So according to the first post of day 4 the final answer was 158 after the post was edited the answer became 148.
(Are you with me?)

So on the final day of the contest I was at my computer ready to type in my answer when she posted the final question had all my previous answers calculated the calculator was ready to go and then the moment came here was the final question I finished up my calculations went over to her blog and typed in my answer and then went back to see the other answers to see where I was in line. To my surprise I was the only one with the correct answer and I was scratching my head in disbelief (I thought the contest was easy and couldn't figure out why no one else had the correct answer. (All the while my heart was glad and I was excited knowing that I had won) Then she posted the winner, it was not me, the winner was the gal who saw the edited version of Nichole's blog post and her answer was 148. What the heck was going on I thought so I went back and reread all of the questions and when I got to day 4 my jaw dropped, the question was reworded in an edit to include more stamps thus making the final answer different.

Yes, my first feelings were disbelief and anger that this had been done. So I posted my thoughts on the blog and was the recipient of some hate mail and messages that made me even more agitated because I was in the right so I wrote to customer service at Paper Trey (you can read the emails below you will have to click on each frame to enlarge the screen so you will be able to read the email).
My email and their response have been posted here for you to see.

So they admit to changing the question and by doing so changed to outcome of the contest.

There you see all of you who had viscious unkind words for me, I was right the contest had been changed the final answer altered and an unfair winner was named.
To see the final question take this link Paper Trey Puzzler, to see my final answer in the contest you need to click on the comments of this Paper Trey Puzzler post in the above link.

That is all I have to say thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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