Saturday, December 8, 2007

12 ornaments for Christmas Day 4....

Stamped Pillow ornament

To make this style of ornament you will need two 4 by 4 squares of white fabric.
1) I stamped my snowman image from Stampin' Up's A Merry Season with black fabric ink, then I colored it in with Fabrico markers.

2)Next you place your stamped image, along with a 5" length of ribbon face down onto a plain square that is facing right side up. (You know the rule when sewing, right sides together and the length of ribbon will become the hanger.)

3) Sew around all four sides leaving room on the bottom side to turn your ornament.

4) Turn your ornament right side out.

5) Stuff with batting and hand stitch turn hole closed.

6) For my snowman ornament I went around the edge and did some top stitching to make it look like a pillow.

You can make a ton of these quickly and very inexpensively they look grand on the tree and a wonderful package tie on. Even if you do not own a sewing machine these are small enough you could hand stitch them quickly also, don't wish to sew at all use a sewing adhesive tape.

Up next for day 5 (tin ornament)...


Jane said...

Very cute! And much less hazardous that the glass ornaments! LOL.


Wanda. said...

SO cute. You sure are one busy lady.