Saturday, December 15, 2007

12 ornaments for Christmas Day 12, Christmas star...

8,9 10, 12 what no 11? I have not forgotten how to count, I have skipped day 11 for today's post and went on to 12 because I had the draft complete and the photo uploaded. I need to power down and see why I can't move my photos from my camera to the computer, when I get the last ornament photo to upload I will post the day 11 ornament for you...

Well, this is the final post of the 12 Ornaments for Christmas series and it has to end with a star tree topper right? Yes, here is the last ornament a Five Point Paper Star to light the way for Christmas, the season of Christ, life, hope, joy, giving and family.
Here is a link to the directions I used to make my star from Basic Grey Blitzen Collection "Velvet Stocking". 5 point star When I had my star completed I attached a chenille stem with crystal effects to the back center of my star then when I went to hang it I just twisted the stem around the tree branch.

Why The Christmas Star?
Matthew 3:2
"Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him."

So as you are working on your Christmas remember the reason behind the Holiday the Love and Light of Christ.
May you and your family have a blessed Christmas Season.

Here is my Blogger Christmas tree in all of it's glory, gotta love this little tree.
You can actually see Ornament 11 hanging on the bottom right, if you want to sneak a peak...

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Rochelle W said...

This is super cute. Looks way better than my crooked star on my tree.