Monday, December 10, 2007

Hide and seek blog candy number 2...

Sounds like everyone had a great time playing Hide and Seek so lets do it again. The prize this time around will be the same

Nugget tin
Another tin (different from this one shown this was for round 1)
and some surprises

This is how we are going to play this time around
I uploaded the Joy ornament to SCS along with a different altered block ornament. Find the other ornament and leave a comment on it at SCS, here is the twist in your comment you must use the code word JOY that way I know you have seen the candy on my blog and will be entered to win.


Rosella said...

I found Peace and Joy while I was cruising through SCS to get inspired today. I'm really enjoying your ornaments. TFS!

Cathy said...

I love this hide and seek! I'll play! I love games and candy too! I left a comment on both of your block ornaments under SCS name Stampin Fanatic. Thanks again for a fun hide and seek.

Anonymous said...

I found the Peace block ornament at

I also saw the JOY ornament, do you need the page number for this one too? or just the one requested?

Lovely ornaments, great imatgination. Thanks for sharing, :)

doverdi said...

Jumping for JOY! I found both of your lovely ornaments.They are so pretty and creative. TFS!