Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy Holiday Penguin Stress!

I was woke up on Tuesday by my husband telling me we had a flat and while trying to fix it he broke three lugs. So, he took the day off to take our one and only running car in to Sioux Falls to purchase new tires. Thought he would do all four but ended up coming home with two new ones and half the bill (not bad I thought).

Next I wanted to sit down and make some cards, nice simple, easy no fuss cards. Well how about crooked, wonky, runny and frustrating cards instead. Okay, I was stepping out of the box, set to case a card I had seen at the store and just adored it was a new Memory Box Penguin in a Santa Suit (cute right). He was on a 4 1/2" square card so I thought I would give this shape of card a try because the envies were right there as well (Amuse Brand) so I picked up what I would need and we left.
He has sat on the table in his sack for a few days as I rested my back and took it easy (maybe this made the penguin mad he missed seeing the daylight and his other stamping friends).
Well as you can tell from my photos of late my trimmer has had major issues, (bet you thought I was distressing the edges, NOT)! So I finally called Fiskars today and they will be sending me some new rotary blades. After researching on the web I also found out (after five years of ownership) that you can rotate the block the blade cuts into so I did this as well. Now I have the problem of the paper going crooked or getting wavy, seems like it is not being held down tight enough. So my hubby checked this out when he got home and put some screws in the bottom to tighten things up, didn't work!
Now I am really frustrated because I also saw when I walked back to the table that the stickles had made my red marker bleed, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So I left everything on the table until I could collect myself and figure out how to fix the mess.

Okay, so in this card you can see the Real Red Bleeding on the fur of the Santa hat, yuck! This card is the first size I tried to fit the Amuse envies.

Here I had fun, sorry the photo stinks, but this was my first EVER 3" by 3" card, have no envies yet but did order some from Stampin Up!
Of course I had to use Green Galore, now I am Happy Again!

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