Saturday, May 5, 2007

Card Keeper Project from SCS

This is my first attempt
I followed the instructions for the inside pockets, but for the lack of a binding product (is on my birthday list) I made my own cover with a strip of pixie pink. Two inches score, 1 1/2 inches score, then cut off at another 2 inches this will make the spine. Then I glued Dec paper to the front folder pocket, added my spine glued paper to the back pocket and glued the back of the spine. I used my Sizzix to cut out the "CARDS" for my front. My next attempt will be to make one for My Step Mom for her BD and Mothers Day. Hopefully I can get some better photos of that one for you. I love it is is great, I get the card made and slide it in the pocket write the event on the correct day so I know when it needs to be mailed out (EASY). Now if I could just get the rubicoil for my Birthday- Oh, Hunny!

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