Sunday, May 6, 2007

David's Scrapbook

Wow, finally finished! I have been working since September of '06 on family photographs, getting them scanned in to my computer and making scrapbooks and CD's for all of my siblings and my Father. The project started with my Dad turning 75 this past January and I wanted to give him a scrapbook as a gift. (This is a learning story here.) When my Mother passed away my Dad thought his world had ended and he wanted to get rid of it all, and I mean all. He took countless loads of items to the dump and one night called up my Sister and said come to the house get what you want I have sold it, what you don't want is going to the dump. We headed over right away and saved the photos, (can you believe it he was going to toss all the photos)! We split them up, or so I thought but know one has any besides myself, personally I think my brother has them but after his divorce somehow I think my x-sister in law has them at her place. My Father has been asking for the photos, sure he wants them now however he is not going to get the originals, for his birthday he received a scrapbook and two CD's one of JPEG'S and the other a DVD that I made for him. And ever since I have been working on photos to share with all of my Brothers and Sisters now, I have completed the last one. Here is how I did it..
  1. Cut card stock to 6" square, I used white, Not Quite Navy and Mellow Moss
  2. Next I took it to the local print store and had it bound, only cost $1.00 (I still have the Rubicoil on my Birthday list)
  3. I took my CD of scanned photos to Wal-Mart and had some printed out 4 By 6
  4. Next I ran scraps of the three chosen colors through my Xyron
  5. Then I punched squares and paper piecing and made one D with the Sizzix
  6. Now I put in my photographs
  7. Next I went back and added my punched pieces
  8. On some pages I used my white gel pen for some stitching and limited journaling ( the DVD has all the names and places so I decided not to repeat that much here to save time)
  9. On the front and back covers I mounted CD folders sponged in Not Quite Navy with Red line tape

This project in total took me under two hours to finish, funny how the scrapbooks got smaller the more I made. Now everything will start all over as soon as I get my scanner to work with XP or we get a new one, I have about 200 more to go...

And to moral to this story is, Death is not an end to all life it is just the beginning of a new one so have patience and enjoy the memories. (Dad will be remarried now in June for 11 years.)

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