Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am so very happy it works, GOT ULTRACLEAN?

OMGoodness, this stuff is as grand as people have said. This stamp set is a fave of my girls and myself and I must say it was a mess it even had traces of acrylic paint on it. I broke out the ultraclean from our weekend trip and before long I had a clean stamp set for the first time in years. No traces of STAZ-ON and there was another thing missing the strong odor that the staz-on cleaner has Ultraclean was a great joy to use and I didn't even need a gas mask! Gotta get yourself some go back to my thread on SCS and there are some good places to purchase on line or take a trip to your local Archiver's store. ( Ultra Clean is a stampers must have tool!)

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jodene said...

OMG That is so amazing how clean your stamps are. I defenitly have to get that. Thanks for sharing