Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to Surfing Saturday

Welcome to week 2 Surfing Saturday.
I post here my absolute favorite finds from the week 
right here...

1.  Herbert the Hedge Hog by Wanda  My wonderful friend Wanda posted this little guy this past week.  She is selling the pattern and teaching a class on how to make Herbert.  Visit the posted link for more details.

2.  Fabric Garlands in Anthropology's window
This display window has my name all over it.  From the colors used to the technique I am HOOKED!
I was seeking out garlands this week had a project in mind for our front doorway windows.  Needless to say when i found this I was swooning;)

Here is a new flower that I have not seen before.  Circles for petals, I can do this!!!!  I plan on making some felt ones and some from paper out of my "scraptacular" basket.

Tip Junkie a new love over on FB and the net.  So many ideas here, this site is fabulous!

Looking for more inspiration visit My

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless.


Amy said...

Interesting items. I LOVE the garlands, and Herbert is so cute.

Chris said...

wanda's h-hog is too dam cute!!