Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Very Blessed by a Wonderfully Gracious God

365 Days

Here is the link to my post 
Driving Accident
(Want to catch up on our one year journey check into the posts following the one listed above.)

Just a quick update on the subject.
Donna is finished with all Dr. Appointments.
Her body has healed and that  is truly a miracle from God.
I have posted this song Hold On for her and I
this is how we made it through this past year...

"I want to see you smile again, give some love to your CrAzY fRiEnDs.
Wipe your tears away those days are through."

"And the stars are up there shining for you.
 Oh how the Father does adore you.
 His lOVE will never change!"

As for myself I continue to have overwhelming anxiety, PTSD, sleepless nights
and constant worry for the safety of our girls.
I can't seem to get the sceene and my reactions to move on out.
When my phone rings, I won't answer, fearful of what is on the other end.
. ( My family has gotten used to texting or PM's on FB.)
Slowly I am coming around to the fact that I am not in control of anything!
Nothing I could have done different on August 16 would have changed the circumstance.
Everything that happens to us is in someway a GIFT from God.
(May take some time to see what the GIFT is but it is there cloaked in the darkness.)

Today I wish to share with you one gracious GIFT God had hidden in the dark just for me.
I figured out I had to do something different to become unstuck.
I found myself with more than my usual level of creativity.
So with the new year and a clean slate I decided to to something big.
"Go Big or Go Home" 
seeing as how we don't know how to do anything small it is fitting don't you think?

I would get so excited when I saw a crafty friend published in my favorite craft magazine
Paper Crafts
I would do a happy dance for them.
Our girls thought I was CrAzY and  they asked me why I did not submit to publications.
I had lots of excuses for not.  But, with the faith they had in me I gave it a go.
!!!!So I started submitting thus arriving here today!!!!
Paper Crafts
September/October 2011
!!!!On your newsstand today!!!!

Pages 69 and 74
are showing off projects I designed.
Woo Woo!

Exactly 365 Days to the DAY!
August 16 2010-August 16 2011
I have posted this song for you before you know it as one of my favorites.
I just can't get enough I am always inspired when I listen to it.
TobyMac Get Back Up

"It is never to late to get back up again.  
Maybe knocked down but not out forever..."

I want to take time to thank all of my wonderful family, friends and faithful blog readers that have supported myself and the family through this past year.
  You are all a wonderful God given gift! 
 I love and appreciate each and everyone of you!
Thank you!  God Bless!


Jen A said...

Praise the Lord that Donna body has healed. I pray that you find comfort in Him for your anxiety and fears! He is faithful!
Congrats on the publication too! Very cool. I'll have to go out and get a copy=).

Banu said...

I am so thankful to God that Donna has healed and I remember reading about your post and the journey till now for you and Donna. (HUGS).
Congrats on your publication. Waiting for my copy in mail. You are so creative, there was no doubt that they would pick up your project for publication.

Chris said...

i am also so very happy that donna AND your family has healed!! i truly believe that all things happen for a reason. my mother always said that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. for some reason that always comforts me when i can't see the light.

congrats on YOUR PUB!! i too am doing the happy dance for you!! wish we lived closer so we could celbrate together!! xoxo