Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Envelope Pocket Tutorial...

Okay, today I have for you the other Pocket that can be made using the same booklet size envelope that I used yesterday. This Pocket will easily hold any small items, you will slip your goodies into the open side of the pocket. They are so fun for thank you gifts, birthday goodie bag handouts, and when I first made them I place a gummy pouch inside for the girls to hand out at school. I included a space for printing my thank you on the inside. (Had to cover up my inability at rolling a good wheel image, will I ever get rolling with this type of stamp? LOL!)

Here is how you can make your own...

1. Roll front and back of Envelope with a stamp wheel and ink (I used SU Spring Solitude wheel). The color combo was for SCS Tuesday Feb 19th challenge.
2. Fold the Envelope in half the long way, crease, unfold.
3. Cut the Envelope flap in half on the crease line.
4. Stick shut the left side of the flap, make sure you do not stick shut the right side of the flap (this is where you slide in your goodies).
5 Punch holes for your ribbon closure.
6. Attach ribbon from the inside of the pocket by knotting it in the back.
7. Stamp and attach your image with adhesive.
8. Slip in your goodies.
9. Tie the pocket closed.

How is everyone doing with Blogger, I have had issues for a few weeks now and have been looking into moving my blog. Anyone have some ideas for me?

Happy Stamp Day!


Jen said...

Love the pocket envelope! Thanks for the tutorial!

JenniferL. said...

Love these and I have forgotten about them. I have tons of envelopes and I love projects that use envelopes because they are so inexpensive.

I have a friend who switched from blogger to typepad and she is much happier with it. And apparently you can transfer all your old posts if you switch.