Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rub On....A Product Handling Tutorial

Just have a little tip to share with you today.

I love the rub ons but don't like how they get messed up after you open the package and only use one or two pieces. They seem to get lost, the protective backing comes off and they get ruined etc.

So here is how I handle my investment...
I want to use just this single "S" from the interior on the full sheet

So I cut through the packaging without opening the product.

Here I have the single Rub On I needed and the package and all the protective pieces are still intact.

Now I have my finished tape to take with me on shoe box swaps.


GrannyBrenda said...

Thanks for this great tip. I will definitely use it. I have lost so many rub-ons that I have just about stopped using them. Now I can again!

pick said...

Thanks for given me a great idea for promotional product handling i will use your idea on further need.........