Monday, July 9, 2007

What were they thinking??

Went shopping on Saturday and found these frames in Target's Dollar spot, they are remnants of Father's Day Gifts and I asked myself, "What were they thinking"? I don't think I would ever make this purchase as a gift for my Father or Husband, but I will give them an alteration. This is my tutorial how to cover up these frames from Target's Dollar spot... (by the way in the end each frame cost me fifty cents.)
These are the products I used... frame from the dollar spot, DP from Scatterjoy, self healing cutting mat and exacto knife, fiscars paper trimmer and Xyron. Simple!

First thing to do is measure your frame.

Next cut your DP to the size of your frame plus add 1/4 inch to every side.

Then you run the paper that you have cut to size through the Xyron.

Remove protective backing from you DP and lay the DP face down on your self healing cutting mat. Next center your frame over the DP after it is centered press down to adhere. (Be careful here, you do not get a second chance with this adhesive.)

Take you exacto knife and trim around all of the edges of the frame and the center cut out. I saved the inner piece and immediately placed it on card stock.

When you are finished this is what you will have, an altered photo frame.

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