Saturday, July 7, 2007

I have been tagged

I got tagged today by Wanda at MyCreative Corner And by Aimee.

List Seven Random things about yourself:
1. Green is my FAVE color.
2. I love to swim, and yes my hair turns green from the chlorine.
3. I hate to watch movies more than once, unless Ben Affleck is in it.
4. I played in the water hose the first day of kindergarten in hopes I would not have to go to school. (Didn't work!)
5. I like the fall weather.
6. I like to be organized.
7. I was once pulled over by the police for riding my Bicycle through a stop sign.


Cheryl said...

What a neat gal you are Sara. Thank you for Paying it Forward to me. I love it!! I feel that I got the better end of the deal with the person I sent to. I just sent her ribbon. You sent me a work of art. Thanks so much. I have your blog saved on my google reader so I will be checking in on you daily!!!
Cheryl Sims

kathy said...

I hope you got what I sent you and I hope they we ok.MIL is here so I havent been on much