Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Bummer continued

Here is my DD on our trip She was feeling very left out while everyone was playing baseball, she so loves sports. We took her to the Specialist again on Monday and She is out of the immobilizing brace and now has to wear a softer elastic brace when she is active. He did break her heart when he said no fall sports, Basketball or Volleyball this year (She did start to cry, we both felt bad but the Dr. was good he pulled her back for a bit.) She did enjoy the trip and was glad we went, I was a bad Mom and let her out of the brace while we were at Valleyfair, I told her after her last visit if She wears it like the Dr. told her 24-7 I would let her take it off for the time we were there. She managed to ride all of the large roller coasters but for 1 and she went on the Power Tower as well, as for me I told the kids they could find me floating on the Lazy River or the Imax. All in all it was a fun filled four days and I am just now feeling like I am coming back to life, I was so very tired when we returned. Today was the first day in over a week that I made a card and they are going off to a swap at the end of the week. I am glad to be back and I thank all of you who have sent a card to my DD.

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