Friday, July 27, 2007

2 pocket folder keeper

I pulled out a project yesterday and did a redo of it for some storage of my Wish Rak images before they gained control of my work space. When I was taught how to make this type of keeper it was used to store the Christmas Cards you received that year then you would put the year on the outside of the folder. (cute idea!) I took the folder down the street to show my Friend Barb and she came up with a few easier ways to make it and a few more ideas of use so (thanks Barb).

Purchase some two pocket folders (You can get some great deals this time of year and this project makes a great gift).

Step 1 Open folder

Step 2 fold the open folder down so the top meets the bottom of the pocket where it is closed.

Step 3 Measure your triangle to be cut out. Make a mark 1 1/2" out on either side of the pocket fold line. Next take your straight edge and place it on the mark and line it up to the fold line you created when you folded the top down and make a line. Do this on both sides so you get a triangle.

Step 4 cut out your triangle

Now you have two flaps that move independently to cover your pockets

Step 5 is to fold down your flaps and close up the folder. You are ready to tape on the ribbon of your choice to the front and back cover. Make sure you leave about 6 inches of ribbon on either side so you can tie the folder closed.

Step 6 (adhesive to DP) I used my Xyron to put adhesive on the back of the paper I chose and at the same time I ran the paper through that I was going to die cut my letters on. (Can't waste anything right!) You can use the adhesive of your choice if you do not have access to a Xyron make sure you get it all the way around all sides and into the corners so you get a good hold.

Step 7 take your adhesive backed DP and cover the front and back covers of the folder, your ribbon is now secure between the DP and the folder.

Step 8 now you can decorate the front cover, I took the Sizzix and since this folder was for my Wish Rak Images I put WRAK on the cover in Mellow Moss and backed it on More Mustard.

Step 9 fill up your new keeper

You could go farther with your folder and stamp or DP the inside, if I was giving a gift I would do so but since this one was for personal everyday use I left the inside white. Have fun making these, I do! Let me see what you can do with these I am thinking of a contest.

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