Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ring Tray Tute

So I hung my necklaces on the wall with a stick here is the post link for you

Now I am showing you the ring tray I made using simple crafty tools so I could organize my larger rings.  You know the ones that are bigger than life and fun as heck to wear.  Everyone always has questions for me when I have them on.  Yes, them!  I am not known for wearing just a single ring at a time. 

You see the tray bottom right of photo...

Here is a close up for you, I have left some rings off so you can see the spaces they fit into...

Want to make one?
Here is how to do it.
  1. Start with a 12 by 12 piece of card stock.
  2. Score and fold card stock at 6"
  3. Score  1" in on all sides
  4. Measure out and mark with pencil where you want your holes to be
  5. Use the Big Bite or anywhere hole punch to make your 1/4" holes for the smaller rings
  6. Use a sharp scissors  to cut on the marked line between these holes to make your ring slot
  7. For the larger elastic banded ring spaces I lined up the markings on the punch to space out the holes
  8. Fold on all of your 1" score lines
  9. Cut into your flap ends
  10. Adhere your flaps with Red Liner Tape and you are finished.
Want to take it up a step?
 Make a tray for your organizer  to nest it into. 
 This tray is where I placed the matching earrings for the rings organized here.

Here are a few more beauties I have been wanting to show you.  
The ring on the left was made from a vintage screw back earring.  
Remove the earring back
Place E6000 on earring back
Set an adjustable ring bezel and dry for 24 hours.
Yes, it is that EASY and they look fabulous.  
No to mention the hunt for these vintage goodies is a delight!
(I have had some fall apart when  back was removed.  No fears, just take some jewelry wire and a few tools and restring the beads and continue as mentioned above.  You can even take multiples apart and restring a new design.  Endless possibilities!)

The ring on the right was made with products I purchased for paper crafting.
The Cameo is resin purchased from Etsy.
The Bezel was also an Etsy Purchase.
A little E6000 and an adjustable ring bezel and you are good to go.
I love both of the looks.  Yes, I do at times wear them at the same time;)

So there you have it a lot of organization using the basic simple tools and a whole lot of fun;)

Product list...
DCWV Luxury Stack DP
Anywhere hole punch
SU oval punch 1 3/8" by 3/8"
Red Liner Tape
Scor Pal
Jewelry Shoppe Ring Bezels
Cameo Bezel (unknown maker)
E6000 adhesive
Vintage Screw Back Earrings
Resin Cameo

Have a Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless.


Amy said...

Fabulous idea! I love the way you used the oval punch for the larger rings.

Jen A said...

Very cool and creative! You have some fabulous rings!

Chris said...

what a great idea!! your rings are fabulous!! i too wear several rings at a time...i'm an 80's girl!! lol