Saturday, July 30, 2011

One for the Thumb

DH and I are season ticket holders for the Sioux Falls Storm.  
The Storm play in the IFL (Indoor Football League).  
Calling the Sioux Falls Arena AKA: THE STORM SHELTER home.
Want to more about the Storm visit there website here...Sioux Falls Storm

Below is a page for the Championship Game that  it is now being called "one for the thumb".  
For the obvious reason of the Storm  having now earned 5 Championship seasons!
In the corner is the IFL Commissioner Tommy Benizio.  He was in attendance for the  game going around the arena and talking to different people,  I was one of those people.  Good thing my seat is on the aisle or DH would have given him a piece of his mind.  The man was not well received by most of the fans. This is 2009 the Storm was found to be in violation of league rules concerning workers compensation coverage.
 As punishment, the team's first five wins of the season were forfeited into losses.  
That did not sit well with the players or the fans.  
Yes, that is my hand!  I could not find a Cricut cut so had to go old school;)

Below a few snapshots from the 2011 season...
For sure they are not grand layouts however, they were fun to create
Have a Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless.


Wanda. said...

Your layouts look great! It covers what you wanted it to. And from the photos it looks like you had a great time!

Amy said...

Very fun!

Chris said...

ok, i have to say i love your blog this way verses the other way! so much easier to enjoy!! second, i love your los for you team, what a fabulous way to show your support!!

Jen A said...

Okay...where have I been...just catching up here. Love the layouts...the idea with the hand is very cool!